Kate's Lazy Meadow Has Psychedelic WiFi

The NY Times has only just caught on to Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel.

A few years back, we were quite intrigued to discover B52's singer Kate Pierson had opened up a motel, but the NY Times has only just caught on to Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel not far from Woodstock on Route 28, near the Catskills. Their weekend review agreed with our thinking that it's a cool middle-of-nowhere stay with a bit of weirdness thrown in for good measure.

Kate's Lazy Meadow has nine rooms of various sizes, including two new suites (named Sakajawia and Annie Oakley) that are in a stand-alone cabin. The rooms in the main motel building are all fully renovated and all except two of them include a full kitchen.

The NY Times reviewer got Room 4, the Psychedelic Gnome Room, and sounded heartily satisfied with the place, including the autumn forest wallpaper scenes. They also mentioned that WiFi is available in every room--but cell phones don't work out there.

The rates vary according to the rooms. The cheapest two (without kitchenette) are $150 mid-week, and the most expensive suite (with two bedrooms) is $225 mid-week and $275 on weekends. Sounds like the kind of place you sometimes need sunglasses inside, but it's a good overnight stop. Weird, but good.

by: Amandak